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War 2019 Full Movie The film follows an Indian soldier who is assigned to eliminate his former mentor, who had gone rogue.

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War 2019 Full Movie Hindi Watch Online

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War 2019 Full Movie Plot

Khalid ( Tiger Shroff ),an Indian soldier, is assigned to eliminate Kabir (Hrithik Roshan), a former soldier turned rogue, who mentored Khalid. This leads to ‘war’ between them.

It is shown that before 2 years, before Kabir turning into rogue, Kabir and his associates ( With khalid ) were on search of Criminal and also turned bussinessman Rizwan illiyasi (Sanjeev vatsa).

While one of the kabir associates name Saurabh, betrays them. In shootout, Khalid chases saurabh & before, kabir could catch illiyasi, gets shot. Kabir was admitted in hospital. And after a long search, officers find Khalid is lying unconsious near cliff. However, in present Khalid is in search of Kabir, where Kabir is in search of secret document.

Khalid chases kabir, but he escapes, as he jumps from the bridge. And Khalid realises that, Kabir is doing service for nation secretly, as he is killing associates of Illiyasi. Khalid gets sided with Kabir and start search of 4th associate of Illiyasi, as 3 were killed by Kabir itself.

Khalid & kabir also defeats many targets in the way. In kerala, Kabir & khalid arrives at Aditi’s(Anupriya Goenka) wedding , who is one of the kabir’s team member, and here comes twist in plot when Khalid poisons Kabir, and takes that secret document from Kabir. And it reveals, that when Khalid was chasing Saurabh. Khalid gets shot and killed by Illiyasi, and Saurabh does plastic surgery, and disguise as Khalid & works in RAW, to know the secrets. After surgery, Saurabh acted of lying unconsious near cliff. Saurabh as got minor scars, on the face, but it was hidden through mask. Saurabh, who has disguise himself as Khalid, throws Kabir into the river.

Saurabh then went to his headquarter, on a ship, and press the missile button, which can blast the border area of India. Suddenly, Kabir attacks the ship & confronts Saurabh saying that he knew about his plan, when Saurabh aimed perfectly, and also he drink wine in the boat, as Khalid dont drink wine. Kabir chases Saurabh with car and both land at church.

Where, in the intense fight, Saurabh beats Kabir, but in end, Kabir overpowers him. Kabir runs, as the dome of that church, where they were fighting, falls on Saurabh killing him. In the end, Khalid gets rewarded, after his sacrifice & kabir continues his mission, being undercover

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